We cannot control the wind, but can direct the sail.

Hi, I’m Mecca a natural hair stylist, breast cancer survivor and thriver, organic beauty care evangelist, and founder of LoveJoy Cosmetics.

LoveJoy Cosmetics is the soul mission of Mecca Joy. LoveJoy Cosmetics was formed after enduring a brief battle with a rare form of breast cancer. I wanted LoveJoy Cosmetics to help others in their struggles. I always wanted to stress the importance of having a love for life!

 LoveJoy Cosmetics is the preferred choice for women that — 

  • Understand harsh skin care products lead to horrible skin breakouts
  • Feel self-care should be every day not just on birthdays
  • Want nature’s nourishing ingredients in natural skincare products and remedies

Can you relate? 

Then this about me page is really all about YOU!

We package everyday luxury skincare products that provide comfort that brings joy and healing into the lives of our customers.

LoveJoy Cosmetics is the soul mission of Mecca Joy whose assignment is to bring joy, beauty, and healing to women through natural skincare products.

If anything on this list makes you feel heard, then consider LoveJoy Cosmetics as your conscious skincare line for life because you’re definitely our kind of person!

  • I believe caring for your skin with conscious products is the least you can do every day to love yourself  
  • I believe synthetic skincare products are detrimental to the body over time and harsh chemicals can cause allergic reactions on sensitive skin
  • I believe big box brands prioritize profit over the health and well-being of their customers  
  • I believe organic skincare and organic food are key to achieving radiant skin
  • I believe taking care of your soul first will reflect in your outer beauty
  • I believe a therapist is a girl’s best friend
  • I believe you should never leave home without lipgloss and a portable charger..  

All of these beliefs we incorporate into our Brand Promise!


I'm a real person and I love to hear from my customers

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 With Love,